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    Auto Farmers

    21 may 2018 por ManuelxD2

    What are the Auto Farmers?

    • They are players who use a program "Hack" in specific by injecting a certain script.

    What do these Auto Farmers do?

    • They are dedicated to killing mobs, mini bosses or bosses teleporting to a certain distance either up, down or front of the mob, mini bosses or bosses, these Auto Farmers kill the mobs, mini bosses or bosses so fast that sometimes the amount of damage is not reflected and you can only see the impact, they can control at what speed they can attack either fast or slow, they can also control where and what mobs, mini bosses or bosses teleport or just stay in one place.

    How to receive an item or drop when there is an Auto Farmer on the server!

    • It is advisable to have swords and armor of high levels, everythi…
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